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M1 Tested 3/4 Rock n Roll Bed Fully Upholstered

M1 Tested 3/4 Rock n Roll Bed Fully Upholstered

Lead time on upholstered beds is currently around 5 weeks and available in many styles and colours. Pictures are of previous beds for illustration. Once you have placed your order we will contact you to discuss upholstery. Seatbelts can be tucked behind cushion for comfort when sleeping.

Our beds are all made to order by our experienced fabricators who share pride in our product. We work hard to ensure our customers receive a quality bed which suits there needs and fits their vehicle. You will find several options when purchasing to personalise your bed to meet this goal. We have produced one of the lightest bed frames on the market at only 68Kg whilst being extremely strong passing the M1 crash test in August 2020 by VOSC.


Standard Bed Size - We have standardised the size of our most popular bed size and designed the frame to fit most vehicles commonly used for conversions. The bed frame is 98cm wide and can be upholstered from 98cm to 110cm. This allows a narrow or tapered cushion to fitted to seat back allowing the bed to fitted close to rear doors.


Seat Belts -The seat belt positions are fabricated off centre as standard and will be central on the bed when upholstering to 110cm which is the standard 3/4 width.

Frame is not suitable for upholstering over 110cm. If you require a wider bed please opt for our 110cm frame which can be upholstered from 120-130cm.


Wheel Arch Height - Wheel arch allowance is 33cm. This size will fit most vehicles including VW T5/T6, Transit, Vivaro and variants. There is also an option for 28cm to fit the Elgrand and Bongo and 36cm which is better suited for the Transit than the 33cm though both will fit. Please note Portable toilets will not fit under our bed frame.


Bed Operation - All our beds are of a cantilever design. This means there are no legs as per a common Rock and Roll Bed. There are several benefits which are the floor of your vehicle cannot be damaged when opening the bed and area in front of bed no longer has to be clear to use giving obvious advantages on other designs. The cantilever design is also very strong and quiet, we utilise 12 x 30mm bearings and even when fully extended will withstand considerable weight at the end point.


Closing Options:

Self Closing System - This system takes all the hard work out of putting your bed away. The bed is locked in the fully flat position. Once unlocked the bed will return to the seating position without any input from the user. A 600N strut is fitted to bed frames as standard, if you find strut is not suitable for your upholstered bed alternative struts from 500N to 1200N can be purchased in our store to suit your finished bed.

Electric - The design of our frames lends perfectly to an electric system. We utilise powerful actuators sourced from a British Company along with hand held remote. At the press of a button on the remote the bed can simply be opened or closed in around 15 seconds.


Subframe - If purchasing a bed for a VW we can supply an M1 Tested Subframe to fit under the vehicle and secure bed too. This is optional for fitting the bed as fixings holes in bed frame are located in line with the chassis beam of the vehicle making standard fitting more than adequate.



M1 Tested with certificate
5 Reclinable positions
Powder Coated
Fitting kit with 120mm x 25mm x 8mm spreader plates included
Base width 67cm
Bed width 98cm (110cm Upholstered)
Bed length 180cm
Seat depth 99cm
Wheel arch height 33cm (Other sizes available for other vehicles)
Bed Frame weight 68Kg

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